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SY Dent Clinic

SY Dent Clinic is a dentistry clinic that provides aesthetic dentistry and dental health services. Our clinic is run by a professional and experienced team.
It is an integral part of our understanding of medicine to provide all kinds of oral and dental health services to our patients and to ensure that every patient leaves our clinics healthy and smiling. In the diagnosis and treatment of our patients, we use all the technological possibilities of dentistry and provide services at international standards with our expert dentists who have graduated from the relevant specialization branches of the dental faculties and gained experience in this field.

We offer the services that our trained and professional team will implement by adhering to ethical rules, together with the opportunities offered by innovative technology. We think about putting ourselves in our patient's shoes.

In our SY Dent Clinic, all basic services are offered for your dental health. These services include teeth whitening, gum treatment, tooth extraction, calculus treatment, implant treatment and preventive dentistry. We also offer aesthetic dentistry services. These services include porcelain crowns, composite resins, inlays / onlays and teeth whitening.

In our clinic, we adopt a customer satisfaction-oriented service approach. We offer an individual approach to each patient and do our best to provide the best solutions for dental health. In addition, state-of-the-art devices and materials are used in our clinic.

Our clinic has a modern design and provides service in a comfortable environment. In addition, we have a special treatment area for children in our clinic.

In our clinic, we are working to provide the best service to our valued patients. You can trust us and contact us for your dental health.

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In addition to being a professional in business by keeping comfort and satisfaction in the foreground; We provide a comfortable and peaceful environment to our patients with our disciplined, friendly staff.


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