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SY Dent Clinic implements continuous quality control systems for excellent service quality and excellent patient satisfaction.

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Our clinic is run by a professional and experienced team. We strive to provide the best service to our valued patients. 

What we do

Providing Medical Care to the Most Patients in Our Community.


Implant Treatment

What is an implant? Implants are titanium screws used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed in the jawbone. These screws

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment Bad breath is a condition that negatively affects social communication in daily life. Both the person and

Teeth Grinding Treatment

Bruxism Treatment: Contraction, which is found on the human skeletal system and in the structure of some organs, giving shape to the body.
What we do

What You Can Do with SY Clinic

Aesthetic Dentistry

With aesthetic dentistry, your teeth look healthy and beautiful, while increasing your self-confidence.


Pedodontics is important for protecting children's dental health and preventing dental health problems.

Implant Surgery

Implants replace tooth loss and provide you comfort with their long-lasting and natural appearance.

Biological Whitening

Biological whitening is a safe and effective method to whiten the color of teeth with natural ingredients.

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MSc. Dt. Ahmet
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Our dental clinic was opened in Bahçelievler Center and offers the best services to its patients by following the latest technological developments in all branches of dentistry.


As SY Dent Clinic, we always follow the most appropriate methods for the patients while ensuring the oral and dental health of the society. As Bahçelievler Dental Clinic, we care about the health of our patients. You can also apply to us for your dental problems and be treated reliably.


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We devote quality time to each patient and apply result-oriented treatment methods.

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