Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hollywood Smile? What is the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a smile design that we present to you, inspired by the smiles of world-famous stars such as the Angelina Jolie smile.

How is Smile Design done? How is Smile Aesthetics done?

For smile design, first of all, the patient's intraoral condition is determined by the detection of missing teeth or gum problems. In Smile Aesthetics  The process is started after the treatment is determined according to the intraoral condition, taking into account the person's facial symmetry and tooth length.

How is Teeth Whitening done? How is Teeth Whitening done?

Teeth whitening (bleaching) applications are divided into two as home type and office type whitening. Which of these methods will be applied is decided by considering the wishes of the patient. 7 In office type whitening, the application is carried out by the dentist. Before the application, a protective layer is applied to the patient's gums so that the products to be used do not come into contact. Afterwards, the tooth surfaces are dried and whitening products are applied to these surfaces. In the home bleaching method, plaques specially produced for the patient's mouth are used for each patient.

What is Pink Aesthetics? What is Gum Aesthetics?

If there are level differences in the gums or an asymmetrical posture, the harmony between the teeth and gums, which ensures that the patient regains an aesthetic appearance with the treatment performed, is called pink aesthetics. It is a treatment that reaches the standards it should be and is also known as pink aesthetics.

What are the advantages of Lamina Dental Veneer treatment?

Lamina veneers, also known as leaf porcelain, are aesthetic veneers applied especially to front teeth. For these veneers, no or very little abrasion is made on the teeth. For this reason, healthy tooth tissues are preserved. Lamina veneers, which are designed in a very thin structure, cover only the front surfaces of the teeth and in some cases the incisors.

How is Zirconium Veneer made? / How is Zirconium Dental Veneer Made?

Zirconium dental veneer Impressions are taken and plaster models are made from the patient's mouth to prepare temporary veneers and to show the condition of the mouth before the treatment is started. The teeth to be treated and the surrounding tissues are anesthetized with local anesthesia. The teeth are reduced to a shape and size on which the zirconium crown can sit comfortably.

What is Porcelain Veneer? What is Porcelain Dental Veneer?

Porcelain veneers, which are sometimes too large to be treated with filling methods, and sometimes to eliminate tooth deficiencies, are an application that wraps the tooth like a mold and aims to eliminate existing abrasions and deficiencies.

Lumineers Coating why?

Lumineers originated as a treatment method first applied in the United States. Thanks to this method developed by the Lumineers brand and widely used all over the world, fast and effective results can be obtained.

How is Emax Coating done? / How is Emax Dental Veneer Made?

The teeth that are decided to have Emax veneer are measured and sent to the laboratory for preparation. Preparation time varies according to how many teeth it will be applied. If there is no oral and dental problem, the veneers are applied to the patient's teeth after they are ready.

Aesthetic Tooth Filling why? 

Amalgam fillings, which were dark in color and did not look aesthetically pleasing, were used in the treatment of dental caries. Today, instead of these, composite fillings with the same color as the teeth are preferred.

How to make Hollywood Cheek? / How is bichectomy done? / How is a non-surgical bichectomy performed?

In the Hollywood cheek application, anesthesia is applied to the inner cheek tissue to be treated in the mouth. Then, with a small incision, the inner cheek fat tissue called "Buccal Fat" is reached and some of this tissue is removed from the cheek area, making the cheekbones more prominent.

How is laser dental treatment done?

Laser dental treatment; It is mostly preferred in gingival treatments, caries treatments, root canal treatments.

What is Inlay Filler?

Inley and Onley ceramic filling application, which is among the modern dental treatment options, is a type of filling between standard filling treatments and full crowns.

How is Onlay Fill treatment done?

In the onlay filling treatment, after the caries is cleaned, an impression is taken and the filling prepared according to the measurement is placed.

What is a Dental Diamond?

Dental diamond is the process of bonding different types of precious stones to the teeth with a special method.

Tooth Tattoo What is done in the first examination?

In the first examination, the tooth to be tattooed is determined and the size of the coating to be applied to the tooth is taken.

Dental Jewelry  Why? Grillz Teeth why?

Jewelry with the feature of wearing and removing the teeth when desired, is also known as Grillz.

What is Bonding Application?

The treatment method in which teeth with some aesthetic problems are restored using composite filling materials without any abrasion is called bonding.


What is a Single Tooth Implant?

Single tooth implant is a treatment method used in people with missing teeth.

How is Full Mouth Implant treatment done?

In patients with jaw bone resorption before full mouth implant treatment  First of all, bone powder process known as sinus lift application is performed and implant treatment is started after 6 months. People with heart, diabetes, blood pressure and chronic diseases are primarily processed after getting approval from their physicians. Then, with local anesthesia, the process of placing the implant in the bone is started. In order to place the implant in the bone, the cavities are opened and after the implants are placed in the opened cavities, they are closed by suturing. The healing period of the implants is 3 months. After 3 months, the screws of the implants are opened and an impression is taken for the prosthesis. In line with the measurements taken, the prostheses are placed on the implants and the process ends.

What is done in the first examination of Multiple Teeth (Bridged) Implant?

Multiple tooth (bridged) implant is first examined by oral and maxillofacial surgery and treatment planning is carried out. In the first examination, the patient's intraoral condition, bone structure and bone condition are observed.

How is Implant treatment done in 1 Day?

Implants, which are surgical procedures in implant treatment in 1 day, are placed in their places after tooth extraction. This period lasts 2 hours. Temporary teeth are then placed in the patient's mouth. When the measured teeth are made, permanent bonding is performed with the consent of the patient. At the end of the procedures, people regain their healthy teeth.

What is the All on 4 Implant?

One of the treatment methods applied as a result of missing teeth in the mouth is all on 4. With the All on 4 technique, prosthesis is made on 4 implants placed at certain intervals on the lower or upper jaw. It is capable of supporting all prostheses to be made. It is an easy and fast solution technique.

What is all on 6?

One of the treatment methods applied as a result of missing teeth in the mouth is all on 6. With the All on 6 technique, prosthesis is made on the implants that are placed in the lower or upper jaw at certain intervals.

How is Box Technique treatment done?

In the box technique method, it is aimed to create a new bone tissue in a way that a box is formed around the bone and develops in this box by using specially designed barrier plates and bone products obtained by special means. Some intense bone losses, for which traditional bone formation methods are insufficient, have been tried to be solved for many years by transferring bone fragments from other parts of the person to the relevant region. However, with the development of this technique, this necessity has largely disappeared.


What is a crown? What does crown mean? What does Veneer Crown mean? What is a Veneer Crown? What is a Dental Crown?

Different problems may arise from the lack of teeth, so that these problems do not occur prospectively, veneers (crowns) are made.

What is filler?  What does fill mean?

Amalgam filling, composite filling, porcelain filling and temporary filling It is done for the purpose of treatment because of the destruction of the teeth from food residues and lack of hygiene over time. In order to prevent this damage from increasing, the process performed in order for the teeth to perform their normal functions is called filling.

What is Root Canal Treatment? What does root canal treatment mean? What is root canal treatment in teeth?

Root canal treatment is a treatment method used to save teeth whose pulp has been damaged due to caries, inflammation or trauma and applied to the root of the tooth.

How is Tooth Extraction done? How is surgical tooth extraction done? How is tooth extraction done?

Your doctor injects a local anesthetic to numb the area and prevent you from feeling the pain, and uses an instrument called an elevator to rock the tooth back and forth. After the tooth is loosened, it is carefully removed with forceps. This procedure typically requires only local anesthesia (injection) and usually only takes a few minutes. After the tooth is removed, a blood clot forms in the formed cavity. The dentist will fill the cavity with a gauze pad to stop the bleeding.

What is Impacted Tooth Extraction?

Due to the lack of space in the tooth jaw structure, the gum may remain buried under another tooth or bone. Removal of the tooth under the gum is called impacted tooth extraction.

How is 20 tooth extraction treatment done? How about wisdom tooth extraction?

The wisdom teeth differ according to the intraoral condition of the people. Normal wisdom tooth extraction can be done by dentists. However, impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth are directed to oral and maxillofacial surgery by dentists and the procedure is performed by the surgeon. First of all, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the wisdom tooth is located. After the applied anesthesia, the gum and bone tissue are cut and the tooth is extracted. After the extracted tooth, the area is closed with stitches. It is then pressed with gauze. Finally, your doctor will inform you about the points you need to pay attention to.

What happens if tooth fracture treatment is neglected?

If tooth fracture treatment is neglected, decay and bacteria may occur in the fractured area. Therefore, tooth fracture  occur, you should consult your doctor.


What is Bad Breath treatment?

The treatment of odor caused by consumed food and inadequate oral care hygiene is called halitosis treatment.

How is Sensitive Teeth treated?

Sensitive tooth treatment is a type of treatment that requires intermittent physician control. Application methods vary from person to person. It is one of the important factors for people to clean their mouth and teeth by paying attention to their toothpaste and toothbrushes. Fluoride can be applied to strengthen sensitive teeth and reduce pain. Tooth graft (gum treatment) can be performed in order to cause tooth sensitivity in the problems experienced in the gums. If it is not possible to relieve tooth sensitivity as a result of the treatments, root canal treatment can be performed by specialist physicians.

What is the teeth grinding treatment process?

In the treatment of clenching, the process is to diagnose the problem by the dentist as a result of the examination of the mouth, teeth and jaw joint, and then to solve the problem with night plaque or botox application.

What is Teeth Grinding Treatment?

Another name for grinding teeth is known as "bruxism". The treatment of diseases known as clenching, hitting, and locking of the jaw during sleep is the treatment of teeth grinding.

What happens if Excessive Snoring treatment is neglected?

If excessive snoring treatment is neglected, sleep disorders including deeper sleep apnea syndrome occur. Over time hypertension, heart, diabetes, etc. inconveniences may arise.


What is orthodontics? What does it concern? What does orthodontics mean? What is dental orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty that deals with the proper placement of teeth on the dental bones and the diagnosis and treatment of facial irregularities.

What is done in the first examination of braces treatment?

In the first examination of the braces treatment, the patient's teeth and jaw structures are examined and the patient's treatment needs are determined correctly.

What is Transparent Bracket Therapy?

One of the treatments to eliminate the problems caused by crookedness, curvature and irregularity in the teeth is orthodontic treatment with transparent brackets.

What is Lingual Orthodontics?

Lingual braces, also known as invisible braces, are a popular tooth straightening treatment because they are almost completely invisible.

How is Transparent Plaque treatment done?

In the treatment of clear aligners, after measuring the teeth, the data regarding the dental measurements are transferred to the computer using a three-dimensional scanning technique through special optical readers called CAD-CAM. In the computer environment, the teeth are moved by simulation and the treatment route is determined with the planning made. Then, a series of tooth molds to be used in the treatment are produced by means of a three-dimensional printer. The obtained 15-20 serial molds are used in the preparation of transparent plaques. Each plate prepared in this way is used sequentially as treatment progresses.


What is Pediatric Dentistry? What is pedodontics?

Pedodontics, in pediatric dentistry It is a professional group that prepares the patients for orthodontists, who follow the developmental disorders in the teeth, jaw and face areas of children aged 0-13, primarily in the treatment of milk teeth and in orthodontic treatment. It is very beneficial for physicians who are experts and experienced in pediatric dentistry to perform these applications.

How is Fluoride Application done?

Fluoride applications, It can be considered in two ways as topical applications applied directly to the tooth without swallowing and systemic applications with water/dietary supplements. The substances applied to the teeth during fluoride applications contain much more fluoride than the toothpaste. Dentists apply professional fluoride treatments in the form of highly concentrated rinses, foams, gels or varnishes. Treatment can be done topically by painting the tooth with a brush or rinsing with a mouthwash. The application is quite simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

How to apply Fissure Sealant? How to make a fissure sealant? How is fissure sealant applied?

Fissure sealant applicationFirst of all, teeth are cleaned with cleaning devices. Afterwards, the tooth surface is washed with a special material in preparation for the use of fissure sealant. Thin, transparent and liquid fissure sealant material is applied in such a way that it is completely placed in the grooves, pits and recesses of the tooth. The process may take 1 to 2 minutes for each tooth. A special light is shined on the tooth surface, which is covered with fissure sealing liquid material, and the material is hardened. The procedure is so fast, simple and painless.

How many sessions is the Pediatric Orthodontic treatment?

Children's orthodontics The treatment session varies according to the intraoral condition of each patient. In orthodontic treatment, which lasts for 1-2 years, it is necessary to go to a check-up once a month.

What is Baby Bottle Caries?

bottle rot, It is the decay of your baby's first teeth due to bottle feeding. These bruises; It occurs when your baby's teeth are left without cleaning for a long time after giving a bottle of sugary drinks such as fruit juice, milk or formula. 


What is a Placeholder? What is a dental spacer?

Placeholders are a treatment method used to prevent the slipping of the teeth adjacent to the gap of the lost teeth and the elongation of the tooth corresponding to the upper or lower.

What is done in the first examination of gum treatment?

After the gums are controlled by the periodontology specialist, appropriate treatments are recommended for the person's mouth.

How is curettage treatment done?

In curettage treatment, dental stones are cleaned. Afterwards, the inflammations under the gums are cleaned. 

What is done in the first dental examination?

Tooth stone cleaning, It is done by expert dentists by checking the intraoral condition. It can be applied to people who do not have any problems after the examination. In people with troubled oral conditions, first of all, the problems are resolved, and then the dental scaling process is performed.

What is flap therapy? What is flap dental treatment?

Flap therapy It is a gum removal operation. The aim of flap treatment is to try to correct the discomfort that occurs at the point where the tooth and gingiva begin to separate. 

What is gingivitis? What is gingivitis?

gingivitis or gingivitisis a common and mild form of gum disease. Gingivitis causes inflammation of the gums with irritation, redness and swelling. It is important to take gingivitis seriously and treat it promptly. 


What is Digital Dentistry?

digital dentistryIt is the treatment with computer aided equipment for the comfort of patients during dental care.

How is Needle-Free Dental Anesthesia Application done?

Needle-free dental anesthesia applicationWith the needle-free anesthesia device, the solution applied with appropriate pressure to the tooth to be treated and its surroundings quickly anesthetizes the area. After making sure that the patient is numb, dental treatment can be started.

General Anesthesia Dentistry, what is done in the first examination?

general anesthesia dentistry In the examination, tests to look at blood values are requested according to the condition of the person. People with different diseases are told that their doctor's approval is required. 

What is sedation? What is sedation anesthesia?

Dentistry practices are usually performed by numbing the teeth with regional anesthesia. However, sometimes this is not enough due to fear and anxiety. sedation may need to be done.

How to apply Rubber Dum?

Rubber-Dum The application is carried out by a specialist dentist. The tooth area to be applied on the thin elastic cover is marked and a hole is opened. In order to work comfortably, metal holders are placed on the teeth that are exposed through these holes. With the stretching of the rubber cover, the chemical liquids formed during the treatment cannot enter the mouth, and the saliva formed in the mouth cannot reach the working area. The possibility of infection of the environment, which is excluded from bacteria, is also reduced to a minimum.

What is the Jaw Tumor treatment process?

Jaw tumor treatment First of all, pathological examination should be performed to understand whether the tumor is benign or malignant. If the tumor is benign, definitive treatment may be possible with surgery, and such surgeries usually yield positive results. If the tumor is malignant or advanced, different treatment methods are used. If the malignant tumor has not grown and has not spread to the surrounding tissues, a treatment process is needed in which many procedures such as surgical intervention, radiotherapy and chemotherapy will be applied at the same time and which requires a large number of specialties.

What is Jaw Fracture Treatment?

jaw fracture, It is the deterioration of the integrity of the bones that make up the integrity of the jaw. In this case, people may not be able to fulfill their eating-drinking, speaking and chewing functions.

What is a Dental Spa?

dental spaSpa centers are among the most important details that make them special, such as the relaxing, relaxing and peaceful environment. Non-disturbing, soft tones, instrumental music; Stress-relieving, natural scents and a peaceful and calm atmosphere… All these pleasant details accompany you during the procedures applied for your oral and dental health.


How is the implant inserted? How is an implant tooth attached? How is the implant inserted?

For implant treatment, first of all, an implant suitable for the area to be treated is selected in terms of length and size. Afterwards, the area where the implant will be made should be anesthetized with local anesthesia, and general anesthesia can be used according to the patient's request. With the help of tools containing special blades, slots are opened on the bone where the implants will be placed. Implants are placed in the opened slots by means of specially designed tools, in the form of screwing. 

What is Bridge Teeth?

In order to fill the cavities in the mouth caused by the lack of teeth, the treatment method formed by taking support from the teeth on both sides of the cavity in the mouth is called bridge teeth.

How are Dentures made? How are dentures fitted?

If there is any problem that will affect the denture in the mouth, it is first eliminated and the mouth is made suitable for the denture. Then, measurements are taken from the teeth that have been made suitable. If the denture is tried and suitable for the mouth, the treatment ends.

What is Fixed Denture Teeth? What is Fixed Prosthesis?

Fixed prosthesis is the preferred treatment method for people who have difficulty in speaking, eating and drinking problems, and aesthetic concerns after tooth loss.

How is the Snap Prosthesis made? 

Snap-in prosthesis is made by taking measurements to fit inside the mouth. Rehearsals are provided as a result of the measurements taken. Retainers are placed on the teeth and dentures to place the snap prosthesis. The teeth are interlocked with the locking system. After a 10-day treatment and at least 3 sessions, the process is completed and healthy, aesthetic-looking teeth are obtained. 

What is Full Mouth Teeth?

It is the treatment of jaws with implants and bridges on implants in case of complete edentulism or when all teeth need to be extracted for certain reasons.

What is a Single Tooth Implant?

Single tooth implant is a treatment method used in people with missing teeth.


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