An ideal toothbrush should be designed to help you maintain dental health and prevent tooth decay. A toothbrush with the following characteristics is considered an ideal toothbrush:

1. Appropriate size and shape: The size of an ideal toothbrush should match the size of your mouth and the shape of your teeth. In this way, you can clean your teeth better.

2. Soft brush heads: The brush heads of the toothbrush should be soft. Hard brush heads can injure your gums and cause pain.

3. Circular movements: An ideal toothbrush allows it to make circular movements. These actions more effectively remove plaque and bacteria between the teeth.

4. Electric or manual: Electric or manual toothbrushes can both be ideal, the important thing is that your brushing technique is correct.

5. Replaceable brush heads: An ideal toothbrush allows the brush heads to be interchangeable. In this way, you can ensure a cleaner mouth by changing the brush heads frequently.

6. Timer: Having a timer inside the toothbrush makes it easy to control the brushing time and allows you to easily track the 3 minutes brushing time.

Remember that although the toothbrush is good, using the right brushing technique and following your dentist's recommendations are important for maintaining your dental health.